Wednesday, 29 October 2014

famous artists from nigeria

In listing famous artists from nigeria you will not but mension Ayeola Ayodeji one of the most trending fine artist in Nigerian Art industry.

Ayeola Ayodeji among his lovely paintings is also very famous for portrait paintings that he has been comissioned to paint the portrait of Nigerian President, Governors and other prominent Nigerians.

the most famous painting artist from nigeria
 Ayeola Ayodeji was born in the mid 80's to the family of Mr and Mrs Ayeola who hail from Ilogbo Ekiti state. Born talented painter Ayeola Ayodeji started painting from God's known age.
ayodeji painting at a very tender age
The picture above is a reference to the artist could document but sure as been painting earlier in life before that stage of painting.

jack and rose pencil drawing by ayeola ayodeji abiodun

the most famous painting artists from nigeria

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